Online Data Backup For Business

Fully managed. Fully monitored. Fully reassuring.

Invistech simplifies remote- and branch-office backups for your corporate enterprise by enabling secure, easily managed backups from a single location.

When data loss happens – and it will – bring peace-of-mind to your high-volume data-storage needs with the simplest, most secure and affordable enterprise backup solution available.

Feature Benefit
Automated, scalable backup Eliminates manual administration
Centralized online backups to multiple data centers Eliminates hassle and ensures data security
Data managed, monitored, and configured according to world-class ISO standards Eliminates hardware and IT infrastructure costs
Free installation and configuration by KeepItSafe Frees you to focus on mission-critical tasks
Supports all operating systems, including SQL Server and Exchange Data recovery within seconds
Highest level of encryption available Secures your business data


Each backup is monitored by qualified Invistech engineers and protected by a 24-hour security presence and CCTV. If a backup is missed or failed, you get a call – all part of the proactive nature of our service.


Invistech data centers are accessible only to authorised personnel and feature fully redundant UPS systems with back-up diesel generators. Data are even encrypted while in storage, rendering them useless to anyone but you.

How It Works

Invistech uses an improved and convenient alternative to the traditional process of storing backup copies of your computer data without dealing with media like tapes and CD's. Your data is stored securely and automatically via your standard internet connection and is available around the clock. Your data is compressed and encrypted before leaving your computer, so your private information stays private! We run as two programs - one on your computer called the "client", the other on our servers called the "server". These two programs communicate with each other using encrypted and compressed data transfers that quickly and securely store your critical data in our electronic data vault. Only you have access to this password protected data. Once the data is transferred, you are able to retrieve any of your backed up files by running the "client" software in restore mode.

Less Work, Better Protection

  • Daily Backup
  • Fully Automated. You need to do nothing.
  • Built-in file retention policy keeps all versions of all backup files


Invistech installs backup-software onto your computer or server through our online portal.

Back up

At scheduled intervals your business data are then automatically compressed, encrypted, and securely transmitted   via  the Internet to a Invistech offsite data center for safekeeping.


Data are also mirrored to a secondary Invistech data center to provide a protective layer of redundancy; in the event of data    loss or corruption your previous backup then becomes instantly