Hosted Desktop

What does it offer?

Hosted Desktop facilitates remote work space with continual access to all your data and applications, safe in the knowledge that your files are protected and backed up with exceptional IT support present when you need it.

Cloud Hosted Desktops and Applications

Cloud - hosted desktops and applications are a tremendous opportunity for businesses to expand beyond traditional hosted services - hosted email, web hosting, backup, etc. - to a more comprehensive bundle of pay-as-you-go services that includes desktops, applications and data protection based on your personal needs and preferences.

Remote Desktop Services

Remote Desktop Services (RDS) is a fully-managed hosted desktop solution that offers unprecedented access to a complete Windows environment, loaded with Windows applications, provided by Invistech or the customer.

How does it work?

Hosted Desktop functions and performs just like a normal desktop, except it’s being delivered through the Cloud and displayed virtually on your device. Logging into your Hosted Desktop replaces having to be tied to your office or home PC, and frees you up to work on any Cloud-ready device (PC, Laptop, Surface tablet etc.), at any time, on any source, including WI-FI, mobile or home broadband.