NEC Phone Systems

The NEC Aspire

The NEC Aspire is a full-featured IP-based communications system. The flexibility of this system means you can deploy digital, analogue and IP telephony on a single platform. Aspire users have access to hundreds of service features that are used in building unique telephony applications that enhance productivity, reduce operating costs and improve communications efficiently. The innovative modular hardware and software design allows efficient, effective growth within each module from its minimum to its maximum configuration.

Key Features/Benefits:

  • Digital/Analogue/IP Telephony (flexibility of office and home workers)
  • Modular Hardware Design (your system grows as your business grows)
  • FREE Multi User conference Bridge (Host your own)
  • FREE Mobile Extension Facility (treat your mobile phone like any other extension)
  • Multilayered Auto-Attendant & Queue Messaging (Professional messaging solution)
  • In-Skin Voicemail Solutions (From 5 to 500 mailboxes)
  • Call Centre/Call Recorder (Fully integrated solution)
  • DECT (mobile technology with the security of DECT technology)


    MyCalls Call Recorder - Call recording is used by an increasing number of organisations because of its value in resolving commercial disputes, in training and refining call-handling skills or, for some, because it is a legal requirement. A recent change in FSA requirements means many companies are now obliged to record all client elated telephone calls. Thankfully, MyCalls Call Recorder is a highly cost effective solution which can record inbound and outbound calls. It is simple to set the rules and permissions required to enable different organisational levels of access to view and playback calls. Easy access Recorded calls are easy to locate, either from the daily call log or using a quick search facility that filters calls by, for example, number, extension, date, etc. Call playback controls are similar in format to many popular MP3 players and are operated from the PC desktop. Security Recorded calls are easy to export and e-mail as .mp3 or .wav files. These are encrypted to ensure they are tamper proof. Calls can be archived to disc or other storage devices and for added security they can only be replayed on MyCalls Call Recorder when they are recovered. Costly disputes can now be solved instantly.


    • Secure Access - Recording, playback & storage are totally secure with rapid call identification. Improve
    • Dispute Resolution - An accurate record of disputed facts assists faster, amicable resolution saving time and money.
    • More Effective Training - Listening to and analysing what was actually said during a call:cuts training times & improves performance.

    The NEC Nitsuko / DXE Phone Systems

    The NEC Nitsuko / DXE Phone Systems have been end of life since 2005 onwards. At Invistech we hold stock for exisitng maintenance customers. If you are looking at replacing the Nitsuko Phone System we would be delighted to quote.

    UPGRADE OFFERS - Please call us for below features.

    • Bring your business up to date with the SV8100 telephone system!
    • Productivity boosting application: With every system With the SV8100, you’ll get the excellent MyCalls application. This call management software provides an full overview of call activity in your business from your desktop; a great way to increase your team’s efficiency.
    • Better mobility than ever: With every system With Mobile Extensions, your team can stay contactable on their deskphone numbers when on the road, increasing their reachability. This enables them to be more productive and responsive, helping increase customer service levels, as well as great cost savings. With the SV8100, four Mobile Extension ports are included as standard.
    • An effortless boost to your service standards: Built-in feature The Auto Attendant feature on the SV8100 is a great way to improve your customer service levels, with routing of calls to the correct department without the need for receptionist intervention. Callers select from options to route themselves to the right person for their enquiry; this automation also saves time and money for your business daily.
    • Added flexibility for your key members of staff: Built-in feature With IP technology your employees can work from home with a system phone IP handset and remain as reachable as if they were in the office. This can reduce the need for mobile phones, lowering costs considerably, and giving your team maximum flexibility.

    NEC SL1100

    Smart communication for small businesses The NEC SL1100 PLATFORM provides a powerful communication tool which is built for business. The high spec built-in voice response system provides Auto Attendant and auto-routing functionality at no extra cost, ideal for small companies with limited budgets. And with a choice of either IP or digital technologies, the SL1100 is a truly versatile solution. VIEW IT IN ACTION.

    Why choose the SL1100?

    Invistech It Support Ireland


    The UNIVERGE SV8100 is a unique IP communication solution for any small and/or medium businesses today—whether you are 5, 25 or up to 500 employees…just getting started or already established…have a single office, a home office or multiple stores/sites. Its expandability means it can work at any level, from a technically superb phone system, to a truly advanced unified communications platform. SV8100 unifies your communications, providing your employees with a solution that lets them handle all their business communications on the device of their choice: their laptop, mobile phone, office phone or home phone—using wired, wireless or broadband connections.

    Suitable for growth: Modular construction

    The UNIVERGE® SV8100 Communications Server is a key component of this foundation and is the ideal system for businesses that wish to compete and grow.. You can deploy a pure IP solution or any combination of IP and traditional circuit-switched technology with a single SV8100 system.

    Free Mobile Extensions

    System functionality straight to your mobile. The SV8100 Mobile Extension feature is like being in when you’re out. Treat your mobile like your desk phone and enjoy system features while you’re on the move. Best of all, Mobile Extensions are built in at no extra cost to the SV8100!

    Customisable terminals and handsets

    UNIVERGE® SV8100 terminals and handsets are like no other. Their modular construction means you can chop and change the design for exact business requirements. They can then be upgraded at a later stage without having to replace them – a great investment protection.

    Easy to use Call Management

    Real-time business management with MyCalls application. MyCalls gives you all the information you need to manage every aspect of call activity & performance.

    Serving Customers Effectively with Unified Communications

    UCB is a range of call management solutions that are easily expanded and upgraded as a business grows. Users can connect and show presence from wherever they are via phones, PCs, mobile devices, faxes and the web - effortlessly.

    True Business Mobility

    The SV8100 range of IP DECTs offers a more flexible way of working. Access to the main system features mean employees are more reachable, more quickly.

    With Business Mobility IP DECT, a single converged network provides both fixed and wireless telephony, reducing dedicated cabling requirements and management. Your mobile voice network can easily integrate with applications as they are part of the same network infrastructure. Wireless telephony in a multi-site company or large campus environment is a matter of installing IP DECT Access Points at remote locations, with no need for additional remote equipment. These remote locations become an integral part of your centralized mobile voice communication infrastructure. Deploying IP DECT also protects investments in existing handsets, applications and network infrastructure

    The IP DECT open architecture

    To protect investment and to stay competitive, Business Mobility IP DECT is based upon open standards. It is the first DECT system based on the SIP standard providing compatibility to virtually any communication platform that supports this standard. IP DECT also follows the worldwide DECT GAP standard. This means that for now, and the foreseeable future, systems will support the basic functionality of standard DECT handsets. Finally, IP DECT also provides an open interface for text- and alarm messaging which guarantees connectivity to a variety of specific messaging systems in the market.

    Multi-site mobility

    Business Mobility IP DECT provides wireless telephony in a multi-site business or campus environment, offering the perfect solution for organizations with a main office and different branch offices, even when they are geographically spread. You simply install IP DECT Access Points at your remote locations, forming one DECT cluster with the Access Points in the main location via the company’s network infrastructure.


    In today’s flexible and fast-moving business environment, employees are never in one place for very long. Office workers need to roam freely throughout the building and workers can be just about anywhere: at the office, between appointments, on business travel or working from home. Enabling staff to be mobile provides numerous benefits. Productivity increases, customer service is enhanced and no opportunities are lost due to missed calls.

    The MH240 significantly improves user accessibility, productivity and responsiveness by providing workers the ability to roam from one business area to another.

    With the MH240 you can get the most from your NEC IP communication platform. It provides all of the features that users expect from a desktop phone in an easy-to-use mobile handset including excellent voice quality, an intuitive LCD screen and simple menu-driven navigation.

    Roam seamlessly in multiple business locations

    NEC’s UNIVERGE WLAN and handset designs prioritise voice calls, complete hand-offs quickly and seamlessly, and effectively control call admission - all critical for wireless mobility. With the MH240, users can walk into any business location connected through your organisation’s NEC UNIVERGE SV8100 system and have instant service. There’s no need to fumble through time-consuming setting changes.

    Deploy effortlessly with NEC access points

    The MH240 works with NEC’s UNIVERGE WL1500/1700 Series Access Points to offer a simple means of deployment and easy WLAN network scalability for your growing business. The unique WL1700 gives small to medium-sized businesses and growing organisations a low-cost, enterprise-grade

    Reduce costs through simple management

    Unified management of the MH240 and its use of the converged voice and data infrastructure reduce your costs while delivering the richest possible functionality.


    Empowering larger organisations

    The UNIVERGE SV8500 is a powerful enterprise communications solution capable of supporting up to 4,000 endpoints in a single system. Reliable, scalable and energy-efficient, it is an advanced application server that supports voice, unified communications and mobility solutions for tens of thousands of users. Designed to easily and efficiently scale, the SV8500 meets the needs of the largest enterprises, supporting up to 192,000 ports in a networked environment.

    Pure IP or hybrid networking

    The SV8500 is the optimal product for a pure IP or converged hybrid network. It was developed to fully satisfy the communication needs of the enterprise and is an integral part of NEC’s UNIVERGE®360 approach to empower your business and to make your network a more productive asset.

    • Empowers employees to do more, faster, easier
    • Enhances customer responsiveness
    • Encourages teamwork
    • Supports your increasingly mobile workforce

    Powerful, versatile

    UNIVERGE SV8500 is a premier IP communications server offering an extensive IP feature set in a flexible, scalable, secure package. The system facilitates NEC’s desktop productivity suites to deliver Unified Communications, fixed mobile convergence and advanced collaboration, exploiting Rich Presence, mobility, Instant Messaging, attendant console, click-to-call, unified messaging and conferencing. Besides these applications the system supports the full range of NEC endpoints.


    NEC XN120

    All businesses must make every pound count. With XN120, you buy what you need today, safe in the knowledge that your investment will not be wasted. Which other phone system supplier can match that? XN120 gives you all the features you need to present an efficient, friendly and polished communications service that will delight your customers and help grow your profits.

    We grow with your business

    XN120 is the only phone system that can start as small as three exchange lines and eight extensions with competitive pricing and grow to 72 extensions without you having to replace a single item.

    Full-Featured Voice Communications

    From centralized voice mail (300 mailboxes), ? flexible call routing, auto attendant, conference bridge and one-touch call recording.

    Protects your investment

    Are you buying a new phone system that is about to become obsolete? Take a closer look at XN120. There may be features that you do not need today that will be vital for your business in the future. XN120 has the power to keep pace with those requirements.

    Mobile Extensions

    With the XN120 you can incorporate your mobile as an extension. This embedded feature comes at no extra costs. You can stay in touch wherever you are.

    Easy Management

    Simple plug-and-play configuration eliminates the need for an in-house technician. Real-time business management with MyCalls application

    Fast and professional customer service

    No matter how good your products and services, your success is ultimately determined by how well you look after your customers overall. Smoothly connecting to your customers and partners is what gives your business the competitive edge. It makes good business logic to ensure your new phone system can keep pace with today’s rapidly changing communication technologies.