On-Site Support

What is it?

On-Site Support (OSS) from Invistech is our commitment to provide professional, gallant, up-to-date, customer-centred  IT services, in person at the customer’s work location.

Seamless Resolution

Invistech expert support team is able to resolve issues ranging from intricate workstation and server issues, to complex network and printing problems. No problem is too big or too small for our experts. Our on-site team works around the clock for a fast and seamless resolution each time, every-time.

On-site support is provided via out dispatch service.

Fast Response Time

From start-up to Enterprises,Speed has emerged as a top driver for companies looking to improve their competitive advantage. At Invistech we have the technical expertise to help you increase uptime and optimize your IT function. Our global partnerships and expert service professionals can resolve issues in a prompt, professional and no-nonsense fashion.

Available on an scheduled, as-needed, or full-time basis, we can help you meet your specific needs throughout the personalized maintenance strategy.

Help and more information

If you have a problem and we already support your department or company, call us on 0818 911 365 and we will swiftly resolve your issue, and, if needed, dispatch our team to your location to resolve the issue. If you wish to avail of this type of support for your company, contact us on   or 021 48 49 200.