Server Hosting

 Hosted Servers

By opting to go with Hosted Servers, you will never have to have a server on your locations again. We can collaborate with you to transfer your in-house servers to one of our servers in the cloud. We offer 24×7 Proactive Monitoring of your Hosted Servers and latest technologies. Contact us today to find out more.

Extend your existing IT

Some cloud providers make you choose between your datacenter and the cloud. Not Invistech! Our partners solutions easily integrate with your existing IT environment through the largest networks and most secure private connections, hybrid database and storage solutions, data residency and encryption features, and state of the art technologies — so your assets stay right where you need them. Hybrid cloud solutions give you the best of both worlds: more IT options, less complexity and cost, and seamless expansion of your existing set-up.

Any Company. Any Size.

From small dev-test projects to global product launches, Azure is engineered to handle any workload. No matter the size, we offer enterprise grade SLAs on services, consistent tech support, and round-the-clock service health monitoring. Most importantly we find the best solution for each and every one of our customers, by working together and catering to your needs.