Spam Protection


Spam protection is an essential part of your computer or network protection and reduction of junk mail. Business level spam filtering contains outbound filtering so you are not sending virus-infected emails to your clients.

A spam filter works by matching parameters in incoming mail to lists of configurable ruleset. For instance, a spam filter can be set to check the subject heading of incoming mail for terms associated with common spam mail.

The sender field might also be filtered for ranges of IP address linked to spammers or marketers.

Smarter Spam, Smarter Protection

Over the years, spammers have become more refined in their efforts to get junk mail past spam filters.

Spam will often include innocent or even friendly subject headings such as “Hello!” or “Re: Concerning your inquiry,” creating a difficulty for a general ISP spam filter to tell spam from genuine email.

Therefore, some spam still gets accepted from Internet mail servers to connected private networks and to end-users. Nevertheless, spam filtering technologies we incorporate can keep your inbox uncontaminated and keep needless emails in your online confinement for examination at any time.